My Favourite Cooking Fats!

Which are best to cook with and which are best left cold?

- Coconut oil is a saturated fat made up of Medium chain triglycerides (MCT) and has a high smoking point which pretty much means its chemical properties are not destroyed when heated at high temperatures & therefore beneficial nutrients are not lost. Overheating of fats can also create harmful free radicals.

🥥- Good quality grass fed butter is also good for cooking as it too contains high percentage of saturated fat & and therefore doesn’t become destroyed when heated.

- Olive oil along with avocado oil and flaxseed oil are all monounsaturated fats. These are all best consumed at room temperature and this is why it’s important to buy cold pressed as it means the processing techniques have not heated these oils up, destroying there chemical properties in the process.

Hope this helps next time you're in the kitchen!! Kirst xx

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