Healthy Hack: How to beat the bloat!

To those of you out there that get bloated regularly here’s 6 handy hacks that can help you to get through your day without looking pregnant?

⭐️1. Start with a glass of warm water & lemon upon rising

⭐️2. Add 1-2 Tbsp Apple cider vinegar to your water bottle for the day - I have found this works amazingly for me

⭐️3. Eat your food slowly & chew it really well ~ so many of us are in constant rush and don’t actually chew our foods properly which means our bodies struggle to break it down causing bloating

⭐️4. Try avoid drinking liquids when eating as this dilutes our digestive enzymes and can impair the digestive processes resulting in bloating

⭐️5. Try stay clear from inflammatory foods! ~ common foods many of us seem to have problems with digesting is wheat and diary. This is definitely not everyone however try cutting it out of your diet for 7 days or longer and reintroducing it and see if it makes a difference!

⭐️6. Stress! As much as this is easier said than done, when we are in stress mode (flight or fight response) our digestive system actually turns off and therefore if we are consuming food while stressed, this impacts our body’s ability to digest it.

More tips to come in future posts on how to deal with stress I hope a few of these can help! Love Kirst xxx

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