Want to help educate others in nutrition and wellness

1:1 Nutrition consultations 

Come work one on one with myself in the clinic! 

You will be amazed by the progress you can achieve by having the opportunity to see someone on a regular basis, when it comes to creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Initial Consultation 

Sick of feeling tired? or can't shift that weight no matter how hard you try? 


Come work 1:1 with me in my clinic where I give you tailored dietary advice from a holistic approach. 


The mind body and diet are all interconnected and we must work on all areas in order to help you achieve your health goals and concerns. 

Whats involved?

Whats involved?

You're first initial consult with me will be for 60 minutes, I will go through a full diet history analysis, past health history, health concerns and current health goals. 



Follow up Consultation 


Not only will being held accountable for your health goals but it's important to slowly implement your new health habits in order to maintain them for life. 

Whats involved?

After going through your first initial consultation and I analyse your returned food diary, I will implement small changes that are based on your needs and current health goals. 

I will provide you with a lifestyle framework that you can implement to your daily life along with how to incorporate whole foods. 

New fresh tasty and healthy recipes will be provided and will be tailored to your specific dietary needs. 



1:1 Online Consultation 

​Don't live in Perth, Western Australia? 

Pure Health also offers online consults all across Australia and worldwide. 

Online consults are perfect for those who need one on one support but aren't based in Perth, WA. 

The consults run exactly the same as they do in person, so you won't be missing anything. 

Consults are available via: Skype, FaceTime, Phone or Zoom 

Whats involved?

I will contact you via your preferred online communication tool and we will go through a full diet history analysis, past health history, health concerns and current health goals. 

Your first initial consultation will run for 60 minutes. 

You will then be asked to complete a 5 day food diary over the next week before your returning consult. 



Pure Healths key points of service 

  • Education and understanding of patients health concerns (including how they started). 

  • Key steps into solving and improving the clients health problems.

  • Remodelling current diet in a maintainable non restrictive way.

  • Knowledge of where and how to shop for all your food including specific ingredients necessary for clients individual needs. 

  • Changes made comfortably and progressively within the limits of the client. 

  • Progress monitoring and re-evaluation, as the client makes healthy lifestyle changes. 

  • Ongoing support and guidance. 

  • Personalised recipe plans and food outlines 

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