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Me, Myself & I

I, like many women and girls out there have spent years of my life to date putting in energy on how I could change the body I was in. I had moments where even catching my reflection in the mirror brought about a whirlwind of self hate.


When I reflect on my own journey through my teen years it often felt like getting on a roundabout with no exits. I would cycle through stages of craving control over my diet and then self punishment when things didn’t go exactly to my precise ‘plan’. My self worth at this point in my life was ruled by two numbers on the scale. I would taunt myself with impossible goals like “I need to lose 10 kg in 2 months time”. This kind of dangerous goal setting was set for failure from the word go and took many low moments to reflect on changing my self-talk and self love practices. 


In 2014 I started studying nutrition and I haven’t looked back since. Once I started reading books and cooking more amazing wholefood recipes, I learned I didn’t need to restrict myself and could still eat amazing foods but just broaden my horizons with creative healthy alternatives. 


It hasn’t really been until the last year or so that I have realised that I have been doing all these things in my life out of fear, instead of love. I would eat a restrictive diet out of fear of getting fat, instead of nourishing my body and giving it the healthy fuels it needed. I would train out of fear by going to the gym 7 days a week trying to loose fat that wasn’t even there, instead of just moving my body in a way that makes me feel amazing. Finally, I would party every weekend, all weekend, even though deep down I knew it wasn’t my truth and that I really was just trying to numb not knowing what my purpose or direction was in life. I knew this wasn’t me, as here I am eating this healthy, whole food organic diet.




Indya, 24

"Love Purehealth by Kirsty, inspiring and informative. Her recipes are mouth watering and I love just listening to what she has to say. Keep up the amazing work!"


Stevie, 22

"Purehealth helped me get back on track and excited to get into the kitchen with so many delicious but healthy recipes.

Caitlin, 24


"I'm obsessed with your page!! It's insane and being a bit of a health freak myself and a fellow gluten free person. I LOVE your philosophies/recipes/inspo - it's so great!

My moment of self compassion and change came when I realised how much of my life was ruled by the fear factor. At the start of 2017 I got to a place where I was able to ask myself what are you doing with yourself Kirst? I sat at the desk day by day, learning and preaching the nutrition of a saint and by the weekend I used and abused my body like a sinner. If my body was a temple during the week, it had the weekend coming to cause a riot, week in and week out. 


My story is not one of giving up all of life’s temptations and becoming a born again nutrition preacher. I am the first to admit I am human, I have faults and that is what makes me human. I still love to go out with the girls every now and then for a few wines. I have changed my perspective on what fun can look like and I am striving to create a future that is driven by my life passions and goals. 


My journey is one that many can relate to and my goal is to create this space in order to connect and empower women to live the life they want! Not a life that is defined by the pressures of society. 


I want to inspire females to find joy in food again and rid themselves of any guilt. My website is a place for you to find the love your five year old self had for their body once again… YES loving every single part of your body, whether that's your beautiful muscular legs, or that awesome Kim Kardashian ass like my best friend has.


I want to inspire all of you and teach you beautiful women that it’s so easy to live a healthy whole food life that connects the mind and body. 


Love Kirst xxx